Kingston Modular Systems

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Why use Kingston Modular Systems?

High Quality Standards

Predictability & Speed

Environmental policies

Best value solutions

At Kingston Modular Systems we offer a personal service to work with you on your project and in fulfilling our commitment to provide you with a high quality building, you will also benefit in many other ways.

Predictability & Speed: Built with in a factory environment, KMS ensure that your building will be delivered to an agreed timescale, ensuring that you avoid costly disruptions due to adverse weather or trade shortages for instance. Studies have shown that offsite building methods reduce build times by upto 50%, resulting in significant reductions in site costs and earlier occupation.

Quality Control: As your building is manufactured in a controlled factory environment KMS ensure that their high standards are delivered throughout the construction process.

Environmental: KMS are committed to reducing the impact on the environment by improving building performances, reducing & recycling waste, reducing noise and pollution, use of materials from sustainable sources and latest technology

If you’d like to discuss any modular building opportunities or simply have a question feel free to get in touch with us